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How does an Internship at Consolidated Trading work?

Our interns are selected from top universities throughout the country. The summer internship lasts 90 days. Additionally, shorter terms are available for students during the year. Our internship providers selected individuals the opportunity to learn about all aspects of our business. This is achieved by working directly with developers, traders and senior managers.

What will I be doing?

Our interns attend classes covering options theory, market structure, derivative risk and volatility. Interns assist traders in daily activities while gaining an inside-look at the ins and outs of options trading.

Why should I choose Consolidated?

Consolidated Trading assigns interns to different product groups for the duration of their internship. These small groups allow managers to better teach interns, meeting them at their level of ability and challenging their knowledge, aptitudes and skills throughout the 90 day program. By the end of the program, interns are doing trader assistant work. This coaching and mentorship ensures that each intern’s time with us is challenging, enriching and meaningful.

What skills should I have?

At Consolidated, we look for interns that are juniors in college with a strong interest in financial markets. Strong applicants are those with solid backgrounds in mathematics, computer science and engineering. Individuals who possess advanced logical reasoning and a competitive nature tend to do very well.